Acne Control

How to Prevent and Control Acne

Acne can affect anyone but with good acne control habits, the severity of the condition can be reduced. The seriousness of the acne condition varies from person to person.

Some people suffer from very serious acne conditions. Others are more fortunate as they only have a mild attack. There are also the very fortunate few who do not suffer from the condition at all.

While we cannot totally prevent acne, there are steps that we can take to keep acne under control. Proper treatment will also prevent scarring.

Here are some tips on how to control acne outbreaks and prevent repeated flare-ups.

Acne Control Tip #1: Develop a good Facial Skin Care Routine

A good daily facial skin cleansing routine is important for healthy beautiful skin. Be gentle with your skin as your skin should not be over stimulated. Over stimulation will lead excessive oil production.

A certain amount of discipline and patience is required here. Improvements will not happen overnight and usually come in small quantities. Over time, you will see significant improvements to the skin.

Use facial scrubs once a week. This will help to remove dead skin and prevent the clogging of pores.

Give your skin a treat by going for a facial once a month. If you find facials at salons too expensive, try this do it yourself home facial.

Acne Control Tip #2: Choose the correct Skin Care Products

Analyze your skin type before choosing the correct facial skin care products. This is important as the inappropriate skin care product can be damaging to the skin.

For example, moisturizers are important for all skin types. However, if you have oily skin, you should avoid moisturizers that are too thick. This will aggravate the skin condition and it would be difficult to keep acne under control.

This article is an excellent guide choosing the different types of facial skin care products.

Acne Control Tip #3: Do Not Pick Your Pimples

Do not pick your pimples as picking or squeezing your pimples, blackheads or whiteheads will lead to scarring and damage to the skin.

Instead of keeping the acne condition under control, it will cause the condition to worsen. The affected area will become more irritated and inflamed.

Acne Control Tip #4: Keep Your Hair Away from Your Face

If you tend to have serious acne outbreaks, try to keep your hair (including your fringe) away from the face. This is especially so if you have a lot of pimples on the forehead.

If you must use hair spray or hair gel, be sure to keep it away from the face. Oily hair sprays and hair gel will aggravate the acne condition.

Acne Control Tip #5: Remove Stale Make-Up

Remove all make-up and thoroughly cleanse the face before going to bed. Stale make-up will lead to clogging of the skin’s pores.

Acne Control Tip #6: Use Clean Towels

Always use clean face and bath towels. Dirty towels contain bacteria which will make the acne condition worse.

Acne Control Tip #7: Change Pillow Cases and Bedsheets Frequently

Change pillow cases and bed sheets often. Dirty pillow cases and bed sheets contain bacteria which will be harmful to your skin.

If your acne condition is bad, change your pillow case at least every other night. This is to prevent bacteria from coming into contact with your face.

Acne Control Tip #8: Wash Cosmetic Brushes Frequently

Wash cosmetic brushes regularly with warm soapy water. Throw away old brushes. Do not use expired cosmetics.

Acne Control Tip #9: Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly will help to improve blood circulation and overall health. When the body sweats, it is getting rid of waste from the body.

After exercising, try to shower soon after the body has cooled down sufficiently. Sweat combined with the skin’s oils will trap dirt and clog the skin’s pores.

Acne Control Tip #10: Reduce Stress

Too much stress will have a negative impact on your health and your skin.

Is your life too stressful? Review your lifestyle and look for ways to reduce stress.

Are there activities that will help to take away of the stress of life? After a hard day’s work, put on some soothing music, lie back and relax for 15 minutes.

Read this article to learn more about the effects of stress on the skin.

Acne Control Tip #11: A Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is essential for better control of acne problems.

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and water. Fruits and vegetables introduce fibre into the body system and help to remove waste from the body.

Water hydrates the body and prevents dry skin.

Read this article to learn more about maintaining healthy diets and move towards your goal of having healthy skin

Acne Control Tip #12: Get Plenty of Sleep

Get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep can make your acne condition worse, leads to puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

Read this article to learn more about the effects of lack of sleep on the skin.

Acne Control Tip #13: Minimize Sun Exposure

Minimize sun exposure and remember to use a good sun tan lotion. Use a day moisturizer that has sun block ingredients.

Read this article to learn more about sun protection measures that you can take. They will reduce your skin problems and help you to retain your youthful complexion.

If you are going for outdoor activities, use a sunscreen with SPF30 to protect your skin from the sun’s burning rays.

Acne is usually caused by a combination of factors. While some of these factors are external, some are internal. It could even be hereditary. It may not be possible to completely prevent acne. However, much can be done to control the outbreak of acne and prevent the formation of pimples.

Even if you do have an outbreak of acne and blackheads, permanent scarring can be prevented with proper acne treatment.

Find out more about the different types of OTC acne medicines or prescription acne medicines, how it works and the side effects.

Skin Care for People with Acne

The key to skin care for people with acne is to have a strict skin care regime.

Maintain a good skin care routine, use appropriate good skin care products that have been formulated for acne prone skins and your skin condition will improve.

This article will help you to formulate a facial skin care routine that is appropriate for your skin type.


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