One of the latest craze in the skin care industry is dark chocolate skin treatments.

Until recently, nobody would have dreamed of using chocolate could be used as a skin softener in cosmetics. People used to call chocolate junk food. In fact, chocolate has been blamed for many beauty problems including acne.

However, things are different now. You can find chocolate boutiques in every corner in the United States. Dark chocolate is now considered a health food and it contains powerful anti-oxidant properties.

Cosmetics manufacturers are now jumping on bandwagon. Increasingly, they are adding chocolate as an ingredient into their skin care products formulas. The chocolate has skin softening properties. Chocolate skin treatments have become the latest craze. Chocolate is used due to its properties as a skin softener. It is also used to smooth wrinkles due to its anti-oxidant properties.

Many beauty salons have started to use dark chocolate in their skin treatments.
Firstly, chocolate does seem to help soften the skin. It could be due to the cocoa butter.

Secondly, the anti-oxidant properties in cocoa could prevent free radicals from damaging the skin’s elastin, collagen and other protein.

This is however theoretical and scientific evidence to back up this premise is lacking and some doctors are skeptical about the effectiveness of chocolate in skin treatments.

Researchers are aware that cocoa’s anti-oxidant potential is comparable to green tea. Dark chocolate, in particular, has a very high anti-oxidant potential. Chocolate is considered dark if it has 35% percent cocoa.

What is the quantity of cocoa in a jar of skin cream? The top 3 ingredients listed on the label are the most significant. Is cocoa one of them?

However, for cocoa to be effective as an anti-oxidant, it would need to be absorbed and penetrate the dermis which is the lower layer of skin. Many doctors think that cocoa molecules are too big and doubt that it can penetrate that far.

As can be seen, in spite of all the hype, a lot of further study should be carried out. However, while all the benefits of using chocolate in skin treatments are still unclear, you still can enjoy the benefits of the skin softening properties.