Facial Cleansers


Facial cleansersas the name suggests, cleanse your skin from dirt, grime, oil, sebum and bacteria.
There many different types of face washing cleansers available in the market today. A good one should be gentle but yet is able to clean, protects and nourish.
Before you start to choose one for yourself, it is essential that you analyze and find out your skin type.
Well, have you found out your skin type?
Yes? Great! Let’s proceed.
Firstly, there are lathering facial cleansers and non-lathering ones.


Lathering cleansers Adovia Natural Acne Soap contain detergents to help wash away the dirt and grime. Depending on the type of detergent used, lathering cleansers may be classified as either soap-based or soap-free.
Soap is a mixture of animal or vegetable fat and alkali salt. Soap-based cleansers are alkaline and tend to leave a residue with hard water.
Modern day lathering cleansers use synthetic detergents made from petroleum products. They are sometimes referred to as “soap-free” cleansers. These cleansers are less alkaline than soaps and work equally well in hard water as well as soft water.
The pH level of the cleanser can be adjusted to the pH of the skin so that the acidity of the skin is not damaged. Certain water-binding ingredients and oil may be added to make the cleansers less drying.
Lathering cleansers could come in the form of facial washes or cleansing bar soaps. They produce a nice lather and are ideal for very oily skin and will keep the skin refresh. They will help also help to clear the skin’s pores and prevent the outbreak of blackheads, acne and pimples. Avoid ordinary soap as it is too drying for most skins.
In the market today, there are lots of lathering cleansers formulated for the different skin types.



Non-lathering facial cleansersSeacret Facial Cleansing Milkcan be cream cleansers or cleansing lotions. And yes, they do the job of cleansing your face even though there is no lather.
Non-lathering cleansers contain oil, water and an emulsifier. It is the oils that help to dissolve make-up and dirt from the surface of the skin.
Non-lathering cleansers are ideal for dry or sensitive skin. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, the oil in the cleansers can add to the skin’s oil and causing outbreaks of acne and pimples.
Depending on your personal preference, some people may feel that it is not clean enough if there is no lather. Do not fret. There are lathering cleansers formulated for sensitive skin. You would need to shop around a bit.