Skin Care Routine

Maintaining Your Skin Hygiene, Towards Healthy Skin

Healthy skin comes from having a good daily facial skin care routine. Your skin is able to cleanse, heal and even renew itself. How effectively it does these things is partly governed by how well you take care of it.

Having a good daily skin care routine is very important to the health of your skin, an essential step towards having a good complexion.
Take a good look at the way you are taking of your skin daily. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your skin having frequent acne outbreaks?
  • Do you need to review the way you take care of your skin?
  • Are you using the wrong skin care products daily?
  • Do you need to simplify your skin care routine to prevent frequent facial acne outbreaks?

Did you find yourself answering “yes” to all or some of the above questions?

If “yes”, review your facial skin care routine against the information below.

A good skin care routine should be simple to follow. It should not take more than 20 minutes of your time each day. Do it two times a day, once in the morning and another time at night.


There should be 3 basic steps in your daily facial skin care routine.


Regular cleansing is important and when done properly, it serves the following purposes:

  • Removes dirt and grime
  • Remove excess oil on the surface and skin pores
  • Aids the cell renewal process

Use creamy cleansers or water-soluble creams or gels with tepid water or wipe-off lotions.

Do you have oily skin? Use natural acne soaps or foaming facial cleansers meant for oily and acne prone skins.


Facial toners improve the skin’s texture when applied to oily skin after cleansing.

Do you have dry skin? Use alcohol-free facial toner. Or stop using toner altogether. Your skin will begin to improve. If you really must use a facial toner, try rosewater.


Use moisturizers that are water-based.

Do you have frequent outbreaks of pimples and blackheads? Try a light, oil-free moisturizer.

Use upward and outward strokes to apply strokes to apply moisturizer.

These are the 3 basic steps. However you should tailor your skin care routine according to your skin type.

Not sure about your skin type. Read this article. It is full of information and guide you to determine your skin type.



Exfoliate only once a week. Over buffing will over-stimulate and cause irritation to the skin.

Facial scrubs or exfoliators contain fine grains which help to remove dead skin cells. It should be massaged gently into the skin and then rinsed away thoroughly. Your skin will soften with weekly use.

Choose a good facial scrub that is suitable for your skin type.


Simple clay and mud based cleansing masks are messy but effective for improving the skin condition.

Rich cold creams are good moisturizing masks for sun-exposed or dry skin.

Apply the mask over your skin. Leave the cream on the skin and let the skin absorb as much of the cream as possible. Wipe off the excess with soft tissue.

  • Put some of the mask into your hand first.
  • Then stroke it over a clean, exfoliated skin, avoiding the eye area.
  • Relax for at least 10 minutes.
  • Rinse the face mask off thoroughly with tepid or warm water.

Learn more about the different facial masks and choose one that is suitable for your skin type.